HELP FOR HUMANITY engages in several programs in order to assist children and youths in developing countries:

Stepping For Success—Annual Walk-a-Thons will help to raise funds for the purchase of educational, health and medical supplies for children and youths in developing countries. 

Breaching The Barriers-- Children in schools and day care centers will engage in fundraising activities to provide educational materials for children, youths, and teachers in developing countries.  They would also become pen-pals to students in developing countries while learning about their cultures.

Jingles For Knowledge—children and teachers in day care centers and schools would solicit coins to assist in the purchase of uniforms, supplies and bookbags for children in developing countries.

Cover Them With Love—New and lightly used clothing and shoes would be solicited from companies, individuals, day care centers, schools, churches and youth organizations to be shipped to children and youths in developing countries.

Bike For Life—Fundraising activities will help to purchase motorcycles and bicycles for youths to transport goods and people, thereby giving them a source of income.  Youth in developing countries will also be trained create their own transportation business. 

Hands Touching Lives—HELP FOR HUMANITY will engage in collaborative efforts with local community-based organizations to develop children and youths.

Help to raise money for our programs.  Please visit www.UNDERHISWINGS.CO