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Known as "The Land of a Thousand Hills", Rwanda is Africa’s most densely populated country.

Rwanda’s population is made up of three ethnic groups, the Hutu, Tutsi and Twa. The Hutus and Tutsis have a long history of bitter conflict which resulted in an orchestrated genocide and approximately one million people, mostly Tutsis and moderate Hutus massacred.

As a result of this atrocity, combined with HIV/AIDS pandemic, many children in Rwanda became orphaned. More than 65,000 households are headed by children.  In most cases, the eldest sibling is the breadwinner and caregiver for the younger children.

Almost half of Rwanda’s population is under the age of 18 years. Rwanda’s future depends on these children. It is imperative that issues such as their education, physical and mental health, behavioral issues, and housing be addressed if Rwanda is to survive. 

HELP FOR HUMANITY has purposed to help in meeting the needs of these vulnerable children and young adults in Rwanda.

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